What do you want to be?

The significance of kindness in todays world is huge, notes from a creative events agency whos work was diminished due to the pandemic, and despite all odds bounced back stronger than ever in the virtual events world

Be Kind. Two small words that have diffused throughout the world as we unite in common, bizarre circumstances. Whether stated and shared as genuine sentiment or tagged and promoted as a marketing strategy – there is a certain profoundness in those six letters.

At some point, we all reflect on what we would like to be or should try to be – although more often we spend our time commenting too much on what we expect others to be, perhaps a deflection tactic to avoid thinking too hard about how we can change, challenge or improve ourselves.

For almost a year we have all had to adopt and adapt to some form of change – and not just one change but multiple and often bewildering. Many have faced extraordinarily tough times, obstacles and challenges – others have been less affected or have even flourished with a prosperous venture. Every story is unique, every journey is personal.

What is clear – and what we should have learnt – is that we are visitors in this world, life is precious, human beings need each other – and we need to Be kind to each other to continue to flourish as society.

At Dynamic Events, we had our own challenges, set-backs, sadness and uncertainty. We lost colleagues, navigated the devastated event industry and experienced individual personal difficulties. We moved swiftly to completely overhaul our internal strategies and felt exhausted with learning, reinvention and driving ourselves. But the absolute heart of what we do is to support our clients, showcase our collective personality and strength and Be innovative, agile, positive and valuable. And kind – to each other, our clients and our partners.

We have been fortunate and privileged that we have supported and guided our existing clients through this transition and have secured wonderful new clients who have given us their trust to deliver their virtual events – providing guidance, knowledge, reassurance, expertise, professionalism and personality to make the transition from in-person to digital.

As people, teams and society we can be perceived as many things.

So we decided to ask the team – what would you like to Be? Or us as Dynamic Events or even society? We didn’t say what it was for or to focus in a particular direction.

We asked the younger members of our team at Dynamic Events what they want to Be themselves, what they want the company they work for to Be, and what they believe society should Be.

The responses reinforce what Dynamic Events aspires to be and the culture it upholds – every one was overwhelmingly positive, and even when a negative was referenced, it was supported by a counteractive solution.  

Here are some of their words…

What do you want to Be?

Tara O’Shea – Dynamic office runner and Singapore Sling enthusiast

Jade Pearce – Dynamic office snack box queen and shopaholic

Holly Barrett – Dynamic office early riser and number one scarf-aholic

Kelsey Morton – Dynamic office tech wizard and part-time rap artist

Evolving, active, productive, present, positive – be here now, not dwell on what’s gone. Change to our times. Be mentally and physically aware and active. Focus on the positive and manage the negative.

Open to and not afraid of taking risks – and this from a self-confessed change-phobe, aiming to be braver and willing to take on the unknown.

To be able to read our clients’ minds – or, before we master mind-reading, to know our clients well enough to foresee and pre-empt their requirements and provide the help and guidance before they ask for it.

Confident and proud – we’ve overcome and accomplished big challenges. Take time to enjoy an amazing result, be secure and proud of what you have learnt and provided – and always, always show that confidence that you CAN do it.

What should Dynamic Events Be:

Interestingly, there were more contributions for us as a team, than individually. Among the bundle were:

Adaptable, committed, respectful, diverse.

Continuously creative and open to change – stepping up and always being ahead of the game.

Push the boundaries and keep marching outside our comfort zone.

Considerate of the work life balance – this year has taught us how precious and fragile life is. Take time to connect with the ones you love.

More social within the workplace, having more team days and activities, incorporate what makes us happy – strengthen the team bond. Happy people make kind people.

Proud of our team achievements – particularly over the last year. Recognise and celebrate our commitment, strengths, growth and how we are continuing to develop.

What should society Be:

Accepting, considerate and inclusive – staying open minded and open to change.


Real – stop comparing ourselves, be more free flowing.

Kind, always.

And, our absolute favourite: Well, I wish humankind was as unpretentious and friendly as a bottle of Rizling vlašský by Matyšák. Simple packaging, smooth flavour, puts smile on your face and a great friend and support when you need it.

So, what is the purpose of all of this? Considering what we think things should be, but can’t always make realisable? It reproduces our values, it reminds us of our culture and it helps us reflect on our obstacles while manifesting what we wish to be. Having heard these words from the team reminds us of what a unit we are together, and how we will continue to succeed in the face of uncertainty.