Top Tips for Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are likely to become the norm for the foreseeable future. With COVID-19 changing the event landscape almost overnight and outbreaks occurring all over the world on a weekly basis, hybrid events will be the solution for many companies.

Here are a few key considerations when planning your hybrid event:

Your audience

Consider your in-person audience first in every aspect of your event from registration to what to do during breaks.

The right platform

Invest in the right platform to ensure you have the right functionality, support and backup. With so many platforms reliability is key.

Keep to time

Critical for your online audience who may have only logged in for selected sessions and not attend the whole event.


A good facilitator will engage with your audience and link both live and virtual attendees. Encourage Q&A sessions, polls, video chat and live chat.

Plan, Rehearse and test

Organise an online test event to ensure each presentation displays correctly for your online audience and all the AV team are all onboard with slides, video, background and sound.


Be flexible and offer different levels of attendance for delegates. In person, online, selected sessions and on demand – price accordingly.

Please note, that research has shown during this lockdown period many conferences and events have shown an increase in attendance of virtual events. When you take off travel, accommodation, and loss of time in the office, virtual events are winning on reaching a larger and more diverse audience.

With this in mind, let us help you start planning your hybrid event today.