The Horror Story of My Events Career

Dynamic Events have been doing what we do best – international events – for over 20 years now. We decided that it’s time to share our experiences and tips when it comes to event management. We will do weekly blog posts written by a different team member each week exploring various topics and areas of our business.

First off, our Operations Manager Angelika will tell you a horror story of her career. Now if that isn’t an interesting way to start a blog, we don’t know what is!

It is official (Forbes report) that event management is the 5thmost stressful job in the world. When it comes to it, we are up there right after the military, firefighters, pilots and police officers.  And yet, we all love it – well, we wouldn’t do it otherwise, right? For me, this is the perfect job where I can combine my creativity with my down-to-earth practical mind, meet amazing and inspiring people and travel the world. 

Events are unpredictable; you put lots of thought and effort into planning but weather, people, and lots of other circumstances keep challenging us on a daily basis. At Dynamic Events, we specialise in running events internationally, so on top of the usual challenges we have to understand anything from cultural differences, work methods to language barriers and body language… you name it, we’ve been through it.

I could tell you the stories of incidents when my heart literally missed a beat, when I thought this was it and tomorrow will find me jobless. But having been in this industry for almost twenty years I’ve learned that what matters most is not the challenge you’re facing, but the way you recover from it. So here’s one example of the situation where everything was out of my control (and other event managers, a.k.a. total control freaks, will understand how scary that is).

I guess we all remember an ash cloud hovering over Europe in 2010 resulting in the largest air traffic shut-down since World War II. So it happened that we were hosting a large event in Stockholm when the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland erupted and we were stuck in Sweden with over 150 of our conference delegates not able to return home. My colleagues pulled out all the stops and got on with what seemed to be a logistical nightmare trying to arrange buses across Europe by creating transport hubs in various locations where local buses would be waiting and taking everybody home. We managed to get everyone home, although it wasn’t the most enjoyable process… or journey, for that matter!

Disaster? Yes, but totally and completely out of our control. Outcome? Camaraderie between us and the attendees which created an everlasting bond and a relationship with our client that has lasted over 10 years. When it comes to situations like that, it’s important to look for the silver linings and focus on them rather than on the negatives and stress that the situation brings – that’s my top tip when you are experiencing a horror story at work!