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Dynamic 3D world

In 2020, we partnered with Virtway to deliver our first 3D virtual event which was an exciting and eye-opening experience for everyone involved. The idea of using a 3D “avatar” platform can sound very futuristic and somewhat daunting, but the experience that you get is the next best thing to a real-life meeting and is quickly becoming a favourite virtual solution for many of our clients.

Several months on, we now have an experienced Virtway team delivering events using the platform regularly; three of whom are officially Virtway certified! Our team can now confidently offer guidance on how to best utilise the platform to compliment any event programme.

We begin the journey with a detailed demonstration of the platform to help the clients visualise exactly how it works, the functions that are available, and how their meeting can flow. Virtway offer a variety of meeting ‘scenes’ and life-like functionalities that enable us to bring real life scenarios into the meeting such as networking, team building, obstacles, mazes; you can event throw some shapes on the dancefloor in the disco scene!

The team then get to work building the world and uploading the meeting content to start shaping the client’s event. Throughout the build process, several platform reviews will take place for the clients to see the progress. Once the build is complete, we offer all meeting attendees an introduction to the event platform with a detailed onboarding session to guide them on how to use it prior to the meeting date.

The meetings that we have delivered so far have been extremely well attended, energetic, and a lot of fun. The feedback has been so positive, and we can’t wait for more.

Virtway as a platform can be used on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, with a very limited change in functionality across platforms. Content from a live-streamed in-person event can be streamed in Virtway, to create a Hybrid event setting with a virtual space where you can share your audio-visual material, such as photos, videos, presentations or web links. 

The platform is 100% interactive, using advanced 3D technology to allow you to talk to your clients or employees with your own voice in real time through our customizable avatars, interacting as in real life. It’s like being present, but at a distance.

Integrated gamification and near-unlimited opportunities for interactivity and branding mean it’s not just a platform for networking or attending conferences, but also designed for hands-on team building activities, escape rooms, relay races or any other type of collaborative activities.

The team have run a variety of events in Virtway, ranging from hour-long meetings to multiple day training campus events. We provide complete management of the virtual platform environment, from initial design and concept, to incorporating all required functionalities to ensure your attendees have the best experiences.

One of our larger previous events were four exciting events for an international company, which have been able to focus on a variety of subjects, from team updates and networking, to showcasing new products and training sessions. The success of these events has meant that Virtway could be an option for a further range of the client’s teams, in a variety of countries.

To see if Virtway was of interest to the wider company umbrella, we have been hosting monthly onboarding sessions where colleagues from any department and country could join to determine if working with Virtway would be suitable for their event or meeting. The onboardings enable the interested parties to login and participate as if they were the attendee themselves, giving them a first-class experience on how the system works. The sessions are generalised and help give suggestions on what is possible within Virtway. From here, if a colleague or department are interested in using the Virtway platform, we set up a meeting to go through a more in-depth run through of how the platform could work for them.

The showcasing of Virtway has become a success for many different reasons and so the leads in this client’s company are now considering making Virtway the platform of choice, which is an exciting prospect for Dynamic as it would mean we would become the preferred supplier for the company’s events and meetings. We are currently in discussion with the leads and the Directors for Research & Innovation to see how we can roll out the software on a global scale.

Holly Barrett, Kelsey Morton and Rose Thorogood