One for the Book – a tribute to the industry

To my industry friends and colleagues, both current and former, this one is for THE BOOK.

The Book we (Dynamic Team) are thinking of writing each time something unexpected or extraordinary happens in our lives.

The Book with chapters called ‘the one about an ash-cloud’, ‘the one about the dance-off’, ‘the one about the cut-out cows’, ‘the one with too much Sling’… the choice is endless. These are the stories and experiences which create a strong bound between us, we remember and laugh at them, but we never actually put pen down to paper.

Until now when I would really like to write


Look at the journey we’d taken over the last year.

Not so long ago, communication we exchanged was full of the ‘unprecedented, hard, unparalleled, and soul destroying times.’

And look at us now. I actually had a call with a hotel manager today, and it was not one about another postponement.

And these words have popped into my mailbox just now – it’s great to be back! For me, this sums everything up.

We had to adapt and gain new skills rapidly, like never before.

All the technical how–to-run–virtual–event skills aside, the most important lesson I’ve learnt, is the one of resilience, being there for each other and keeping looking forward.

Being accompanied on this journey by my amazing Dynamic team colleagues, as well as many of you out there in all parts of the world, I feel very privileged.

I realise that many of you were not able to return back to work, yet. I am also aware that some of you were forced to look for new opportunities elsewhere. But every single day is now bringing more positive news and brighter outlook for all of us working in this crazy but inspirational industry.

Whether your background is in event planning or hotels, whether you are a sound technician, venue manager, chef, florist, photographer, or a graduate still waiting for their first opportunity to start your career in events.

Let us no longer keep looking over our shoulders at the unprecedented, hard, unparalleled and soul destroying times. Instead, let’s keep supporting each other in looking forward to the remarkable, incredible, inspiring, fascinating, opportunities creating future.

Wherever you are. Whatever you now do.

Angelika Lichnerova, Client Services Director