At what point do you know it all?

At what point do you know it all?

At what point do you know it all? This question came up because we were talking about coaching or to be more specific, business coaching. Some 10 years ago, we had the same conversation, having been running our company for some time by then, and I do remember replying with words to the effect of what can they possibly teach us that we haven’t already learnt?

I was to eat my words big time. In fact, I quickly realised how very little we knew and the next few years with an excellent coach (Marco Soares – message me if you would like his contact details) were a very steep, but enjoyable, learning curve. In fact, we changed the way we ran our business, transitioning from typical owner managers to a much more business-like approach.

I have also now accepted that we are on one long learning curve and that doesn’t only apply to our amazing business.

Take virtual conferences; having spent the past 20-odd years running in-person events, I felt there wasn’t much left that could really surprise me and in January this year when we started to look at virtual conferences, my thinking was along the lines of, well, how difficult can it be? It’s just a webinar replacing a presentation.

Time to eat my words yet again! The learning curve since then has been massive. We have had to learn a whole new approach to managing an event from educating presenters to hand-holding delegates and soothing the nerves of stakeholders.

In fact, I would go as far as to say that a virtual conference needs even more event management skills than an in-person event. Fortunately, our team have left me in their wake and are well on top of this.

So, off for a game of tennis then, because I am sure I definitely know everything there is to know about playing that game! Or do I?