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Dynamic Conferences & Events are Exhibiting!

Dynamic Conferences & Events are Exhibiting!

Exhibiting is at the forefront of my mind at the moment, as I have just committed our company to attend three more events this year, having attended one already in January.

This has meant updating our annual marketing budget and to thinking about staffing and whether we need to improve our graphics. This then got me to thinking about the results we get from exhibiting.

One of the first exhibitions we ever attended was for PAs in Earl’s Court. It should have been a very successful show for us, but reflecting on how we approached it now we are some 15 years older and wiser, I realise we made some fundamental errors.

So for those of you, like we were, embarking on exhibiting for the first time, here are some of the rules I apply now in order to maximise our return on exhibiting. To be honest, they are not rocket science but do serve to focus and improve our approach.

Dynamic Conferences & Events

Which exhibition?

A fundamental question. It’s easy to sign up if there are a lot of your competitors already signed up, but try instead to find an exhibition where your target audience will be and your competitors won’t be.

Follow up your leads – and keep following them up

An obvious statement, but we didn’t for our first show and therefore we wasted the costs of exhibiting and our time. People are not going to beat down your door to give you business just because they saw you at an exhibition.

Make it obvious how you can help the visitors

Think about what benefits your product or service gives to your clients and ensure that the visitors to the exhibition can see them easily. Most people won’t stop just because you have a nice name or pretty stand. They need to know what the benefits are to them by using your service or buying your product.