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Case Study Two – Budgets

One of our clients, based in Philadelphia, USA was organising a number of committee meetings, they asked us to help as they were struggling to keep within budget. We managed to reduce the costs by an amazing 50%. Here is how we did it: 


They originally had a rate of US$169. We used our contacts to reduce the rate to US$149 and also had breakfast and wi-fi included.

Food & Beverage

The minimum food and beverage spend was US$10,000 + service and tax. We negotiated the minimum food & beverage to being based on the number of persons attending and just including one refreshment break and lunch. This equated to a saving of US$6,800.

We also negotiated:

  • Complimentary room for a private breakfast and lunch to facilitate networking
  • 50% discount on the rental of all meeting rooms
  • 10% discount on both AV equipment and food and beverage
  • 20% attrition on the expected bedrooms and meeting rooms being contracted

The total saving came to a whopping US$11,681.50!