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Enough about you, what about us?

A full service event management company based in leafy East Sussex, Dynamic Conferences & Events was created in 1997 by Claire Bowley and Malcolm Wallace. The company now employs a small team with big experience.

Everyone involved is passionate about exceptional customer service. Positivity, trust and respect is key to dynamic event management and conference organisation. Dynamic Events works across all industry sectors delivering UK and international events.

In recent years Dynamic Events has organised events across the UK and worldwide in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. From Costa Rica to India and Israel to China.

Accomplished negotiators, concentrating on maximising your event budget, reducing costs and adding value is exactly how Dynamic Events has been delivering international events in inspirational places for 20 years.

Malcolm Wallace

My passion is my business having devoted the last 20 years to it’s nurture and growth. Receiving great feedback from our delegates is the best feeling. Sailing and tennis enable me to switch off and relax.

Claire Bowley

In my past life I was a stage manager and I love bringing my theatrical experience to the events that we create. Managing our fantastic team and harnessing their creativity and dedication to produce outstanding events is massively rewarding.

Ro Hallam

Playing the trumpet, long distance running and wine tasting are three of my loves. Wouldn’t it be great to combine all 3 and be the first drunk trumpet player to run the London Marathon!

Angelika Lichnerova

I am an experienced event manager striving to shape an event’s details into perfection. I would describe myself as determined and strong-minded. I love exploring the world through storytelling and by tasting everything (almost) on my plate. Full time foreigner originating from Slovakia.

Chris Custodio

I joined the team at the beginning of 2011. When I’m not organising events, I love running (I try to run in every city that I visit), movies and video games (when I have a spare hour after putting my daughter to bed). I also enjoy sharing a city experience with our clients such as an early morning cycling tour in Mumbai and a day trip around Bangkok.

Tim Dennis

After a life that has seen me take in acting, dancing and music as a profession, I set off around the world for an adventure that would last three years. On returning, I have achieved a lifelong ambition to start a career in event management. Having been around many performances on stage throughout my life each of my events is its own production and the client is always the star.